There is the magical air of something nearly unattainable on the Island of Capri. As helicopters descend toting the rich and famous and pretentious live models walk the streets, eyeing only the most worthy clientele, you either feel oddly invited to the party as a coveted guest or as a tentative and curious bystander merely window shopping in the elite yet glorious, Great Gatsby-esque city.  IMG_6499

On the ferry ride over to Capri, I sipped happily on my post-breakfast Limoncello shot. The secret to why crew serve it (besides to have giddy tourists more eager to shop)? I’m sure it has a lot to do with the abundance of lemons grown in the Amalfi cliffs, but as an unfortunately queasy boat passenger, the canary yellow liquor works miracles on seasickness. Throughout our time in the Amalfi Coast, I wasn’t the only one struggling with the bumpy seas—as overheard in whispered dinner conversations. Your stomach may start a lover’s quarrel with you, even after a reconciliatory morning shot of Dramamine.

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