A Year In Review: Blogging Goals 2019

A Year In Review: Blogging Goals 2019

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In July 2017, The Uncorked Librarian LLC toasted to an official start as a travel and book blog designed to help travelers and readers pick the booziest locations and most wanderlust inspiring books to get them there. Turning a blog into a business was brand new to this MLIS graduate.  What a fantastic year and wild experience. After looking back at successes and failures through “A Year in Review,” check out TUL’s blogging goals for 2019.  I hope they help you too.

Conducting A Year In Review evaluation of successes and failures will help you plan 2019 blogging and business goals. #bloggingtips #blogging Click To Tweet

AND I know. We are almost midway into January 2019 and here I am trying to reflect after the year has started. My cat is currently sleeping on my new goals notebook page. What does that say?

I started The Uncorked Librarian back in 2017 as a mere hobby book blog. After finishing my MLIS and leaving my public library job, I decided that I had too many ideas, projects, and travels that I wanted to complete full-time. Battling severe ulcerative colitis with monthly infusions solidified the decision to work from home.  I could not be happier with that daring choice. Humorously, you can read about why I love book blogging here.

After looking back at successes and failures in The Uncorked Librarian's “A Year in Review,” find blogging goals for 2019 as well as blogging tips. #theuncorkedlibrarian #blogging #bloggingtips

Notable Successes (I drank a lot of wine!)

I have learned a lot in the past year, made mistakes, and had a few shocking successes. Reflecting back on 2018, The Uncorked Librarian changed and grew in so many unexpected ways.  My brand is on the back of book covers, and Lonely Planet featured a collaborative piece that I contributed to.

I also learned more about my target audience and found myself endlessly learning new platforms, tools, and ultimately, how to build a small business.  Entrepreneurship was something I never imagined for myself–you can read about becoming an LLC here–and I cannot wait to see where 2019 leads.

Lastly, I made some beautifully supportive blogging friends.  The travel blogging community enhanced my trips with secret tips, and I connected with so many talented authors.  I talked to more people like me: wanderlust dreamers and female entrepreneurs wanting to live more meaningful lives.  Having no regrets, The Uncorked Librarian happily popped the cork on a new life.

After looking back at successes and failures in The Uncorked Librarian's “A Year in Review,” find blogging goals for 2019 as well as blogging tips. #theuncorkedlibrarian #blogging #bloggingtips

The Uncorked Librarian: A Year In Review 2018

Reflecting back on A Year in Review 2018, though, I truly did not have a clear direction for The Uncorked Librarian.  I had yet to learn what intrigued and engaged my readers.  Knowing I wanted a boozy feel with books and travel, I did not ‘niche down’ enough.  I wrote about every book and every travel experience.  This lack of direction got me nowhere.

The Bad First And Advice For Newbie Bloggers:

Overall, I succeeded as a blogger in 2018: I traveled, made money, was offered opportunities, worked with other bloggers, and had decent blog traffic.  People engaged, my stats steadily increased, and I started producing higher quality content.  I learned more than I ever thought imaginable, and I f*ed up too.  The bad first, and what I learned:

Don’t try to write it all and be it all

  • Unless your goal is to become an online magazine with multiple contributors and a strong key focus around multiple topics, narrow down your field. Refine, refine, refine.  For me, generic travel and books did not target any specific audience, hurting my traffic and page views. No one knew what books to expect.  Plus, why read about random travel locations?  I needed a solid, cohesive theme.
    • Do/My Fix: In 2019, The Uncorked Librarian will focus on boozy and literary travels and books inspiring wanderlust and travel.  All else, has to go.

Consider your content before converting a hobby blog to a monetized blog

  • I wanted to keep my old book reviews when I switched from WP. com to self-hosting on WP. org (you can read about that process here).  Transferring old posts may have helped with my Domain Authority (DA) and getting easy approval for Adsense and affiliate programs.  However, those posts have non-existent Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which hurts where I rank in Google.  Like pop rocks, my site jumped all over. I am sure Google could not adequately index or determine my area of expertise.
    • Do/My Fix: In 2019, I am cleaning up old posts, throwing out and redirecting posts that are not worth the traffic or time, and am restructuring the site. This is over 100 blog posts. You heard me right.  It’s a nightmare, but worth it.


Don’t waste too much time in Facebook groups and contrived engagement pods

  • Joining FB groups is productive and destructive.  FB groups are great to ask questions, find advice, and network.  Occasionally, it is helpful to join in engagement and follow for follow threads to meet new, sincere bloggers who will reciprocate the love. Unfortunately, many will link drop and run.  You also do not want a ton of non-organic followers who don’t engage.  High follower numbers with low engagement looks bad to readers and brands. These users won’t consistently read your content or purchase from you.  They inflate temporary numbers and unsustainable engagement. These are a few FB groups I joined in 2018 to network.
    • Do/My Fix: Drop groups with MIA moderators and members who consistently fail to follow rules/engage.  Use these groups more sparingly for reciprocation threads and more for advice and learning.  Follow and network with accounts that interest you.

Joining FB groups is productive and destructive. Networking is great, but focus more on organic, sincere engagement in 2019 to build a trusted following. #bloggingtips Click To Tweet

Lets not forget that Blogging “Resouces” Pin…

  • Mistakes happen, even if you re-read and edit a blog post 10 times.  Pinterest mistakes are impossible to fully erase soooo…
    • Do/My Fix: Laugh at yourself, be mortified, get over it, and move on. We are all human.  Fix the mistake, learn from it, and know it will come back to haunt you.  Hey, I made a new slang word at least.  Top that 2019.  Oh wait, don’t.

A Year In Review For Social Media And Blog Stats:

With that social media lesson learned, I spent 2018 trying to slowly increase my engagement and numbers on all social media platforms.  While numbers are not everything, we all want to see an increase that translates to blog traffic and income.  I didn’t start utilizing most of my channels or even my blog until after July 2018, although I grabbed my handles (@theuncorkedlibrarian) earlier in the year.  My 2018 stats are the following:

Pinterest: 1.2 million monthly views; 3,653 followers

Twitter: 5,676 followers

Instagram: 4,436 followers

Facebook Business: 344 followers

Highest Blog Views On One Day: 974

We all know Instagram and Facebook have become “pay to play platforms.”  Sadistically, I still want to have a decent presence on both.  As a business, followers and brands will look for you everywhere.  I just cannot afford the time to post every day on IG.  It’s not going to happen.

Top Blog Posts in 2018:

While building a small social media army of booze and book lovers, I had a mixed and eye opening array of popular blog posts.  TUL’s top 5:

  • Get Your Witch On! 10 Wickedly Witchy Books – My audience loves book lists, and this witchy post received over 75,000 impressions from Pinterest in just one week.  I timed the post almost 2.5 months before Halloween, and of course, marketed the bejesus out of it in October.


  • Book Index – At the end of 2018, I decided to create a pin for my book index of all the books I reviewed that year.  I had no idea this pin would go close to viral.  Looking back, I wish I had added meatier content (I may add summaries in 2019).  Definitely feeling like I cheated viewers out of quality content here.  I’m sure I hurt my bounce rate, too.


  • Gifts For Book Lovers That Aren’t Books – So many bloggers write gift guides to get those affiliate links pumping.  Annoying or brilliant?  Both?!  I debated writing my own gift guide and decided to make my bookish gift list a little more personal.  This post crashed my site, having built an abundance of traffic on one day (the day before Thanksgiving).  My server could not keep up.

The Top Three Post Involved Books…Messaged Received…Then, Blogging Became A Hit:

  • Turning Your Blog Into A Business – You will find endless blog posts about blogging for beginners.  Filing as an LLC to protect your personal wine fund is lesser known and uncommon, although it should be a must.  I still talk to bloggers who make money from affiliate links and have no idea that if they make over a threshold (usually $400), you have to pay taxes.  You are technically self-employed.  There are laws you must follow, and no one wants to get sued for image misuse, not disclosing properly, a bad review, you name it… You need protection!


  • How To Start A Bookstagram and Kick Butt – My instagram focuses on both travel and books.  Merging the two is a work in progress. I realized that travel bloggers have a lot of insight into the IG game perfect for book bloggers such as hashtags.  I also studied up on flatlays, props, and Lightroom that I wanted to share.  Based on response, this post fulfilled a need and gap in the community.

But something is missing…which leads me to 2019 goals…and wanting to vomit…

Conducting A Year In Review is helpful when creating 2019 blogging goals. Read my blogging tips, failures, and blogging successes. #theuncorkedlibrarian #blogging #bloggingtips

2019 Blogging Goals For The Uncorked Librarian

A New Direction After A Year In Review

Looking back at my successful posts, my audience is mostly female and from the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.  Confession: I am also at the peak age of my followers’ age range.  Cough, cough.  What I learned in 2018 is that you have to provide value and become an expert in your field.  Travel stories are my favorite, but if you aren’t giving readers tips, tricks, and advice that they need, your stories are more journals for you.  Blogging for business is about your voice coming together to fit your readers’ needs.  You need to know your audience.

My readers wanted book lists and blogging advice.  See something missing?  Traveling…my travel posts bombed because I didn’t niche down enough.  I deleted all old travel posts. [Sobs into wine glass.]


Should I give up writing travel posts?  Um, no. Sorry.  I want to be a travel writer.  Rachael from Pingel Sisters best defined what I should consider: is The Uncorked Librarian appealing to readers who travel or travelers who read?  In the end, I decided that my appeal is to readers who travel…and drink. Both can be interchanged, as well, but my excursions will now focus on literary and boozy travels.   My book reviews will focus on travel, even if it’s to fantasy worlds or within yourself.

Business Goals

With a stronger niche in sight, and continually cleaning up old posts, my 2019 blogging goals are to:

  • Work More Productively – I spend a lot of time on social media and blogging in general.  I need to learn the art of batching tasks, limiting social media time, and getting the most achieved with high payout for my time.
  • Refine Marketing Strategies – Although Pinterest is amazing for traffic, I want to rank in Google and rely less on social media.  I need to learn more SEO strategies.  Currently, I land on the front page of Google for less searchable but niche terms like “best books for dad 2018,” “spooky books for adults,” “how to start a bookstagram” and “instagram collab scams.”  I also want to work with more local businesses and tourism sites.  Instagram is quite the beast, and I need to convert IG traffic to blog views.  Like Hilary Rushford teaches, I need to “Instagram with Intention.”
Conducting A Year In Review is helpful when creating 2019 blogging goals, especially for Instagram. Read my blogging tips, failures, and blogging successes. #theuncorkedlibrarian #blogging #bloggingtips

My new Manhattan-looking IG color scheme. You will see more targeted booze, books, and travel inspiration for 2019 on TUL’s instagram @theuncorkedlibrarian.


  • Steadily And Organically Increase All Social Media Channels’ Followers and Engagement Rates – Posting regularly with quality content is my goal to increase followers and engagement on Pinterest, FB, IG, and Twitter.
  • Up My Newsletter Game –  I am finally off the RSS feed newsletter model.  Each month, I am going to create a newsletter customized for my readers.  Building subscribers with incentives is my newest challenge. You can sign up here for my newsletter:

And my biggest business goal:

  • Lastly, Make A Part to Full Time Salary – It’s product building time: whether this is an e-course or wine glass.  I am hoping to offer some services for the book community, ad space, and of course, generate passive income from affiliate marketing and ads.  I need to master current income generating funnels and diversify.

When you look back what does A Year In Review look like for you? What are your blogging goals for 2019?  What were your greatest successes and failures?

If you asked me one year ago if I would become a boozy book and travel blogger as my life’s gig, I would have thought you were drunk.  Work from home? Own an LLC?  Learn how to use Photoshop? Land in Google searches? Find my name on the back of books like The NY Times Book Review?  Work with brands to promote helpful or fun products? Have a million people eyeing my Pinterest account? Help other bloggers with tech? Talk to popular authors on a weekly basis? Get free stuff? Get paid to blog?  Improve others’ lives and my own?  Yea, right.  

2018 brought so many unexpected opportunities and ideas that 2019 seems like an exciting new venture to do better and be better.  Better as in a writer, traveler, friend, blogger, and reader.  My biggest hope for 2019 is to provide my audience with recommendations to have boozier and more bookish lives related to travel and reading.  Of course, I want to make a little more cash in the process.

So cheers to 2019.



  1. January 12, 2019 / 8:49 am

    A wonderful post, as always!! Congratulations on all of your successes! Here’s to another excellent year🥂

    • Christine
      January 13, 2019 / 11:01 am

      Thank you! And thank you so much for all of your support this year; I really appreciate it. I look forward to following along with all of your adventures too, and I cannot wait to see where you go travel- and blog-wise in 2019.

  2. January 12, 2019 / 10:06 am

    Glad my advice hleped! I was super curious to see which direction you were going to go because you are talented enough to go either way. Hooray for an amazing 2019!

    • Christine
      January 13, 2019 / 11:19 am

      Thank you! Your advice really helped me figure out what I needed to do. I was telling my husband that I have two life coaches this year: you and my dry cleaner lol. And my dry cleaner is GOOD. Have a great 2019–can’t wait to see how well you do.

  3. January 12, 2019 / 10:36 am

    I just love your honesty and openness here. Blogging is a mysterious and not always intuitive business and there’s so much to learn. Thanks for all the details 😊

    • Christine
      January 13, 2019 / 11:26 am

      Thank you! It was interesting to reflect back, for sure. Overall, I was really happy with the year and felt like I did pretty OK as a biz blogger. I learned a lot, and although I have to cleanup mistakes from writing too much, without having that experience, I wouldn’t be able to look ahead. I feel much better equipped for 2019.

  4. January 12, 2019 / 10:51 am

    Man, you had such a productive year! Congrats 🙂 I always think you’ve been in this whole blogging game a lot longer than us. Which I guess you have, but if you only started really cracking down in July, we’re not so different you and I.

    Yay for niching down! We’ll be doing more of that, as well. It’s hard with such a specific niche. And it makes me sad to not write about things we’ve down that aren’t dark tourism (or street art). I’ll be throwing books into the mix, as well, in 2019. Books about places with tragic histories…

    Love the new niche(s), though! Can’t wait for more!

    It still makes me sad that most people don’t want to read stories. Those are the blogs I prefer. But I, too, want to be a travel writer, so I’ll never abandon them.

    By the way, how did I NOT know you were featured in Lonely Planet? AMAZING!

    Totally agree on the FB groups. You get good engagement for like a day, but hardly anyone ever comes back to keep reading and engaging. Just need to find more people as cool as you! But also, yeah, those reciprocation threads are THE WORST. Everyone is in it for themselves. Even if they do return comments and shares, half the time their comments are like one sentence and I can’t even tell if they read it. Our spam comments have more to say than legit people – how sad since these people write for a living!

    • Christine
      January 13, 2019 / 11:40 am

      Thank you! I definitely started pretty late last year, although I did round up some handles and such. I didn’t transfer over to self-hosting until Feb. (I think), and then we were traveling so much–Indonesia and Ireland–that I didn’t get to do too much until the summer. It feels like forever, though. I am going to start slower this year to clean up a lot and really focus on creating niche, quality content. I want to take more courses to do everything right. If my stats tank for a bit, that’s OK. I want people to know why they come to TUL site. IG and Pinterest will stink to cleanup, especially with Pinterest being so buggy right now.

      I am really excited for your tragic, spooky, and history-like book suggestions. That will be such a nice addition to your blog. I’ll guest contribute when you need people to help add to book lists ; ) My witchy book list post went close to viral last year—imagine what you could do!

      LP was super exciting. It happened over the summer as a “lesser known” summer destination post. It was a collaboration piece, and I about died. LP is my favorite and just something I always wanted to be a part of. Definitely my favorite accomplishment.

      I just cracked up about the spam comments (#truth)–but that is also sad. I occasionally use the groups to find new people to follow on Twitter, see what is trending on Pinterest, and see (spy) if anyone’s FB interests me. But most of the follow for follow is awful for engagement (and I don’t want any part of that), and comment reciprocation doesn’t interest me either because of what you pointed out: people write 4 words to a sentence; honestly, I don’t want brands or others seeing that lack of disinterest in my posts.

      • January 19, 2019 / 8:42 am

        Yes, definitely will come to you for guest contributor book recs. Especially if you have any YA titles as I rarely touch YA, but I know there are likely younger people like me out there (I was after all, a kid once, too, right?) – but will of course love all recs! I’m looking forward to adding the books. Just trying to figure out how now exactly we want to ‘rebrand’ and what needs changing/fixing on our blog. While I like our simple theme, I think I’m going to have to accept defeat and change it up eventually, as well. And given how much code I added into this one, I may need to temporarily ‘shut down’ the website to fix it exactly how I want it. So, not really looking forward to that project…

        Anyway. The LP collab sounds amazing and I need to look it up. Writing for a publication like LP is definitely the dream!

        Seriously, those threads are the worst. I have yet to do one this year because I kept pulling me hair out over them last year and just didn’t want that drama this year. The right people will find out blog… eventually. Just have to keep plodding along… And maybe they’ll never leave comments, but if they’re reading and getting something out of it (and eventually using our affiliate links haha), that’s what matters. Also, we get some amazing spam comments. One of them went on about Leornardo da Vinci for a whole paragraph. Loved it. Obviously did not publish it.

        • Christine
          January 20, 2019 / 5:23 pm

          Wait, whaaaaa?!?! Why did they talk about Leo? Was it remotely relevant? I am so intrigued…did they just drop backlinks too? Man, I never get fun stuff like that lol. My spam is “Your site sucks, and I can help you for $1 million dollars if you click here or here or here.”

          I haven’t done a single FB group interaction/engagement anything in 2019, and so far, I’m good with that. I’m less angry if nothing else. Maybe even less bitter. I left 2018 thinking certain travel bloggers are the most selfish people on the planet.

          Unlike quite a few adults I know, I actually love reading YA. I mostly wanted to be a YA librarian too, and I took all of the YA lit classes in graduate school that I could. Sometimes I struggle to plod through these intense adult books whereas YA covers the same material in a fun way. YA realistic fiction is the best. I do appreciate switching back and forth from adult to YA too, though.

  5. January 12, 2019 / 1:02 pm

    You had a great year in 2018! I really need to tack down my own goals for 2019. I definitely want to get SEO figured out and I need to sit down and get my newsletter going. I’m hoping to really define my niche and be more specific as well. So much to do as a blogger, but so worth it! Can’t wait to see what 2019 brings for both of us!

    • Christine
      January 13, 2019 / 11:50 am

      Thank you! I still have to map out how to achieve those goals, but first, cleanup. I feel way better about 2019 now that I actually sat down and started looking at stats, google console, and my demographics.

      The newsletter was and still is my tricker piece. Melyssa Griffin offers a free course on newsletters, if you are interested. I started it, but at the time, it was just too much for me. lol You can find the ads for it on FB…

      I hope you have a great 2019! Thank you so much! I hope we both have a great year, and I cannot wait to see what you do, where you travel, and how much you accomplish.

  6. January 12, 2019 / 2:42 pm

    I GET why you were stressing out about cleaning up your website!!! Over 100 old blog posts?! My goodness! I had like 14-15 that I had to fix up (and still sometimes have to change things in as I learn more) and that is hard enough! So much respect for you! You’ve learned so much and have so many amazing tips that came from your experience. I definitely follow you for your amazing travel posts so I am so glad you decided to integrate it into what was doing well on your blog. Here is to an amazing 2019!

    • Christine
      January 13, 2019 / 12:32 pm

      Lesson learned for sure: never integrate a hobby blog to monetize lol. As a hobby blogger, I didn’t worry about SEO, image size, image names, headings, short paragraphs and sentences… I am literally just deleting and redirecting at this point. I daydream about starting fresh (like brand new) but my domain is mine mine mine lol.

      I am definitely not giving up on travel–it will just be boozy and bookish, which I hope (and think) you’ll like since you are a similar (unique) niche blogger. Hopefully, I break more into the travel world with a clearer niche. Fingers crossed. You have such a clear direction–it’s definitely inspiring.

      Thank you so much for all of your support! …For sharing my posts, commenting, being my Twitter friend, and being a fabulous fellow travel blogger. I can’t wait to see where you go too! I know you’ll do well as a blogger and have a great year ahead.

      Cheers to not blowing off the road this winter ; )

  7. January 12, 2019 / 3:09 pm

    I need to go through my posts and improve their SEO now that I am self hosting! This is such a great post. Thank you for the motivation! “Don’t try to write it all and be it all” is such great advice… I think I will spend some time considering what my niche should be. Until then, I am following you! Looking forward to your boozy travels and book recommendations! 🙂

    • Christine
      January 13, 2019 / 12:43 pm

      Self-hosting makes the world of a difference. I really love the YOAST plugin too. Although those red and orange dots give me OCD, I have noticed a HUGE difference in my traffic and Google ranking. I hope that we both learn more and more SEO strategies. Good luck, too!

      Thank you so much for following along–I am looking forward to your journeys, as well, and thank you for sharing my post ; ) Definitely means the world!

  8. January 14, 2019 / 1:46 pm

    You had such an awesome 2018!!1 Congrats!! And, as usual, thanks for all your thoughts and tips on what works and what doesn’t, and what you HOPE will work. 🙂 I also need to “work more productively,” particularly when it comes to batching tasks. I’m still trying to juggle social media all at once, and while I’ve twice planned to cook recipes for a full month in advance, both times, my plans have been foiled. HARRUMPH. It’s still a good goal for me, though, since recipe cooking and food photography undoubtedly takes the most time when it comes to my blog, followed closely by social media prep. If I had all day, every day, I could easily batch my tasks, but I’m discovering that batching is a bit more difficult when you’re squeezing it into just weekends and what’s beyond the 9-5 life (at least, for me it is!). But I really think it will improve my blog, reduce stress for me, and give me more time with family and friends. Definitely my main goal this year. Glad I am not the only one! 🙂 PS — that photo of your kitty on your notebook is totes adorbs. 😀

    • Christine
      January 16, 2019 / 6:30 pm

      The kitty says, “Why thank you; I know.” lol

      Batching is hard for me since I don’t content plan too far in advance. I am definitely working on mapping out seasonal content. Hopefully batching is about to get easier as I narrow down my niche. Now that I know that I am going to base posts on quarterly travel, at least, that gives me an idea of what books I’ll be reading and reviewing each season. I can gear up for travel posts and plan SM around that too.

      Social media in general is hard for me to plan time-wise. IG seems like such a time sucker for so little gain. I can’t figure out if it’s worth it for me to still use as much or just let it go…I do get some travel opportunities, free things, etc from it. IG has been great for networking. I also get that you have to have an IG presence as a business. I am just not sure how to move forward with it. In many ways, IG seems like a semi-dying platform with a ridiculous algorithm that loves paid for posts. In the travel world, it’s been pretty vain too lol

      I hope that you meet your blog goals and get more time off from work and blogging to spend with friends and family. I cannot wait to see where 2019 brings both of us, and what you cook up!

  9. January 15, 2019 / 2:41 pm

    My apologies on this late comment. I read the post the morning you posted and never got around to comment. I am seriously behind on EVERYTHING. I will slowly catch up!

    You have a sound plan for 2019! Your experience and advice on this post is spot-on. I have learned so much in the past 6 months, that I feel the same way with the first several months of my blog. Honestly, I was going blind there in the beginning. I don’t think I started to pay more attention until about the same time you did. While I have made some changes and I’m still trying to update my blog, I have put the brakes on a lot because of TIME. I need more time in my life.

    I see all great things for you in 2019. If there is anyone I have faith in succeeding as a full-time blogger, it is YOU. Admire you and I learn so much from you daily. Thank you for posting your ups, downs and future plans; it helps.
    Kathy @ Tasty Itinerary

    • Christine
      January 16, 2019 / 6:50 pm

      Aw, there is no need to apologize for commenting late on posts. I appreciate the comment, period. I also appreciate that you read my blog religiously. That means the world to me! I am sometimes slower at responding, which makes me feel even worse. I am behind, too, and feeling a tad blah this week. I blame the cold Florida weather and my body fighting something yucky. The world is germy in the winter.

      We have both definitely learned a lot in 2018. Your pics are STUNNING these days. Every time I go to clean up Pinterest boards, I cringe at my old pins. They were pretty ugly. …Although occasionally I play around with and instantly regret a new pin that I have circulating too. lol Like you, I had no idea what I was doing the first few months. Looking back, I wish I researched more before starting. It’s OK, though, because we learned and are still learning.

      Updating the blog is taking a lot of time, and is kind of soul sucking. I think I deleted at least 50-60 old posts last week. …And I am still going…and cleaning. I’m not 200% on some of the new structure of my site, but since I feel like I am starting over with a clearer niche, I can’t just get rid of all the content yet. That means 2020 will involve deleting some posts I cleaned up this year since they were newer/I kind of needed them, but most likely will have to go… It’s a weird place to be in. I can’t wait to create new content and focus on that!

      Thank you so much! That means a lot! You are my inspiration too! I love that you started selling your own line of products–which I use every week. My mug is just perfect, and I love my soft new sweatshirt. Seriously the cutest travel shop, and I’m so proud you learned how to do it all. I cannot wait to see what else you create, like videos. You are going to have a killer blogging year ahead of you full of awesome things that you do! Cheers to a great blogging year. XXxx

  10. January 17, 2019 / 1:15 pm

    You’ve had a brilliant year and I’m so honoured to have been able to collab with you and see TUL grow. Can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for you!!

    • Christine
      January 18, 2019 / 1:57 pm

      Thank you so much! I am SO glad that we connected this year, and I hope that we cross paths in our travels soon. Thank you for always reading and following along plus contributing to what I am pretty sure is every group piece that I’ve had this year. I appreciate it. Happy New Year, and I can’t wait to see all of your travels and great reads.

      • January 18, 2019 / 4:14 pm

        I’m so glad too! Definitely planning on crossing paths, it needs to happen so we can bond over a few glasses *cough bottles* of fine wine 😉 I love reading your blogs, they are always so informative and interesting. Also love contributing and honoured that you involve me in your writing 🙂

        • Christine
          January 20, 2019 / 5:02 pm

          Fine wine, cheap wine, lots of wine… Count me in! Thank you, again, so much! I knew we’d be friends after our Bali and Indonesia “chats.” Hehe

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