Uncorking Bookish Secrets: The Entertainer Book Tag

What Is The Entertainer Book Tag? Book bloggers love sharing their favorite reads as well as weirdo titles in fun and unique ways.  The Entertainer Book Tag is an online blog book tag from bloggers passed on to other bloggers.  Questions are asked and answered, and then we spread the love with even more impossible to answer book dragon questions.  No, the tag is not quite like those annoying chain letters where half of your family will get eaten by a pack of raging unicorns if you fail to respond, but just in case, I had to share my book choices. Meet Fiction No Chaser Thank you to Jess and Teagan of Fiction No Chaser for tagging TUL in this book tag post. Their book blog perfectly aligns with The Uncorked Librarian as they match book reviews with a boozy chaser. Expect sugar, spice, and everything extra nice in their…

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