Micro Influencing

How Can We Work Together In The World Of Micro Influencing?

You love your products and services just as much as the The Uncorked Librarian LLC (TUL) appreciates a full-bodied glass of red wine and a well-written, lesser-known indie title.  TUL thrives on shinning light onto heartfelt and unique brands, books, businesses, and individuals. Below are just a few of the micro influencing services that TUL can help you with.

See how you and The Uncorked Librarian can work together for your micro influencing needs. This partnership includes brand collaborations, sponsored posts, press trips, product reviews, and content creation.

Product Reviews:

The Uncorked Librarian/Christine will review high quality products related to her business.  This includes: fun ‘librarian’ clothing, bookish products, travel gear, and any geeky, fantastical, or helpful items related to the blogging, book, chronic illness, and travel community. TUL will only accept free products.  Typically, TUL charges a minimal fee for product reviews.  These fees pay for the photography (Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop), write up, and a social media campaign for the product.  TUL promises all clients that multiple hours and days of work are neatly pieced together in every post written.  We can discuss all of your promotional needs in advance.

Upon receiving a product, please keep in mind that TUL cannot write about any product that is in poor quality or is not up to TUL standards.  TUL holds the final right to decline any review.

Brand Ambassador

The Uncorked Librarian is willing to work with and showcase upstanding and unique brands.  This includes using brand handles and mentions on multiple social media platforms. For brands, TUL typically accepts commission in addition to free products and/or additional discounts.

Sponsored Posts:

From a destination to a hotel to a restaurant or tour, TUL will work with you to write a sponsored post.  Posts include photography and well-written and passionate experiences.  All of the TUL’s posts are over 500 words.  TUL is open to both short and long term partnerships.  Posts can travel across any and all social media platforms.

Content Creation:

TUL can help with your personal content creation and social media campaigns. This includes:

  • Guest posts and articles
  • Any write-up related to your services and products for your own social media and site usage
  • Please also feel free to suggest ideas


Please keep in mind: All partnerships must be in line with Christine and The Uncorked Librarian’s values, audience interests, and business philosophy. Although free eye masks are fabulous and TUL’s eyes tire from reading all day, TUL appreciates products that better match Christine’s style and expertise.  Don’t hesitate to email Christine if you are unsure.

You can read more about Christine and TUL here.  If you want to discover 7 fun UnQuirked facts, also visit this post as part of the Versatile Blogger Award.

For free book reviews with no other services, please visit TUL’s Book Review Policy.

Where You Can Find The Uncorked Librarian:

Below are the main business accounts associated with TUL:

Christine welcomes any other ideas for working together.  She brings a diverse set of skills to the wine tasting table including program management, grant writing, reference and research, and teaching.


Take A Peek At The Uncorked Librarian’s Media Kit

(Updated December 17, 2018)

The Uncorked Librarian Media Kit and micro influencing policy