Fat Girl on a Plane by Kelly deVos

Fat Girl on a Plane by Kelly deVos

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Are you looking for a new inspirational book for teen girls? Fat Girl on a Plane by Kelly deVos addresses growing up overweight in a dysfunctional family.  Follow Cookie as she moves from Phoenix, Arizona to New York to pursue her dreams.

I’m sorry. You are too fat to fly today. You need to purchase an extra seat, and unfortunately, there are no other seats available.

Granted, you could not purchase this seat in advance and are at the mercy of the gate counter gods. Public humiliation times a million, anyone?! Plus, if you don’t get on, you have to explain to your job why you missed the most talked about fashion show this year.

Then imagine getting on the plane, after begging your best friend for cash to buy a suddenly open seat, and having to hold a reserved sign next to you. People stop and ask for your second seat. To make matters worse, the flight oversells. Now one of your skinny, beautiful, and viciously mean classmates wants the seat you paid for.   The flight attendants decide you aren’t that fat, as onlookers sneer in disgust.

What do you do? Give up your paid-for additional seat that you were shamed into buying? Or say, “Screw you, I’ve had it.”

This scenario is how Kelly deVos begins her Harlequin Teen debut novel, Fat Girl on a Plane, a new inspirational book for teen girls.


Book Review of Fat Girl On A Plane by Kelly deVos

Meet Cookie, A Young Woman With An Ironic Name And Loads Of Fashion Talent

Told in dual timelines, we meet two versions of our protagonist: 337-pound Cookie and a Cookie who has dropped nearly 200 pounds, now resembling her fashion model mother.

The heavier Cookie dreams of attending Parsons, a college she deems as the best around for clothing design. This Cookie is also in love with her best friend, who chooses to date a spoiled, snobby, and of course, skinner girl, Kennes. Kennes has not only taken Cookie’s man, but in that ill-fated plane scenario, also scores her fashion show seat. Keenes helps destroy Cookie’s SoScottsdale! blogging career and remains her arch-nemesis throughout the novel.

337-pound Cookie also scapegoats her crappy parents for her weight issues and all of life’s problems. Luckily, Cookie has her smart and caring—but broke—grandmother to care for her. Lets be real here: Cookie’s parents blow donut chunks. Her mother is a dried up, vapid, cheating, and selfish fashion model. Her father, an escapist with a huge Africa savior complex and martyr status in the doctor community, has been MIA for years. Any teen would be hurt and angry. Cookie does not let this dysfunctional family obliterate her weight and fashion goals, though.

Skinner Cookie is a teenager still trying to find herself. Unable to afford Parsons, she attends a community college with a solid fashion program. Showing great promise, we know from Day 1 Cookie will make it—and she believes it too. While successfully and healthfully loosing weight, Cookie scores a new blog with a full sponsorship.

Does weight loss make Cookie happier or more successful?

Hunky Fashion Mogul Takes On Plus Size Fashion, Well…..

This could be the next headline for Cookie’s new blog, Roundish. Cookie’s luck changes when she meets her idol and soon to be romancer, Gareth Miller. Miller tanks his latest fashion show, which is a real uninspired snoozer. In an effort to offset costs and regain popularity, Gareth and Cookie work together to create a fashion line for larger women, especially since his largest size is an 8.

As Cookie works to change Gareth’s perception of the plus-size world, she falls deeper in awe of sexy Gareth and becomes entrapped in his fancy, Christian Grey lifestyle—not all of the lust is insincere. During this golden opportunity, Cookie must decide whether she wants to stay in NYC with her new man (is he really hers?) and attend her dream school or go back home to Arizona and continue on her own path. Cookie’s college role model and grandmother certainly have smarter and experienced opinions.

A Surprise Twist

With an abrupt but not unforeseen change in the last 30 pages, Cookie’s world is forced into a no-brainer decision. Because I felt so enamored and emotionally connected to Cookie, the end left with me questions. I am not sure I am satisfied. I may have written a different ending, or maybe that’s just what I personally hoped for. Readers, I would love to know your thoughts if you pick up Fat Girl on a Plane.

The Perfect Well-Roundish New inspirational Book For Teen Girls

I spent my weekend devouring Fat Girl on a Plane by Kelly deVos, and now that it is over, I feel a little lost. Can we please have a Cookie sequel? Can Gareth comeback so we can further examine his being? Or just slap him? Tommy, I am SO freaking mad at you, still.

If you are looking for a modern and relevant book about growing up overweight, especially in relation to the judgmental fashion industry, this title is for you. As deVos repeatedly emphasizes, fashion despises fat. This prejudice is a barrier Cookie must fight to overcome in high school and college in order to succeed with her fashionista career goals. Cookie lets nothing stop her.

An Inspirational Read

As a new inspirational book for teen girls, I cheered along for Cookie as she lost weight on her own terms and also made her mark in the world of high end fashion. With the goal to create clothes for everyone, regardless of shape or size, Cookie successfully fights her way through love and friendship while coming into her own. Well-written and engaging, deVos nails this book.

Lastly, as a millennial working in the blogging world of sponsorships, I loved the added current touch of Cookie’s site, Roundish. Also tackling dysfunctional families and weight, deVos addresses many relatable issues and fully fleshes them out for readers. I personally would not criticize deVos’ accuracy but I am interested to see the opinions that come out—obesity and weight are sensitive topics. I am clearly looking forward to deVos’ future work.

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I would like to thank NetGalley and Harlequin Teen for providing me with a free copy of this title in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Book Information

Fat Girl on a Plane by Kelly deVos [Harlequin Teen 2018]

Genre: Realistic YA fiction

You can read more about the author, Kelly deVos, here.


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