Florida Humidity VS My Hair, Round 1: Curly hair care products to live by

Florida Humidity VS My Hair, Round 1: Curly hair care products to live by

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Battle Of The Tresses & Exploding Hairdyers:

The one thing that I have learned in the sunshine state is to put down the hairdryer.  …Unless it’s that one month where the temperature actually stays in the 60’s or I need to look like I actually tried to be presentable; i.e. My mom is in town, I’m taking my psychotic cat to the already judgmental vet, or I’m hoping Pep Boys will give me a free oil change.  Curly hair care products are a Florida girl’s best friend, and for me, here’s why:

Giving up my straightening tools isn’t a bad idea given my history with exploding hairdryers.  …OK, anddddd possibly also igniting them and the walls that they are attached to through poor international adaptor usage.  Don’t judge this world traveler who just can’t resist a strong American blowdryer.  Sally’s pretty much features my mug on a wanted sign out front for murder.

I could also hack up my newly accepted, hot mess wavy locks to my 30’s (it’s all Sex and the City now ladies, right?! NOT!) and throwing in the towel…after I shake down my tresses, of course. It’s me versus the FL humidity, and quite frankly, I have a better chance surviving my 30’s as a married, childless-by-choice-woman than getting my hair to stay straight for more than 30 minutes in the Florida heat.

Is It Just Me?

Are there any other curly/wavy hair girls hiding behind their irons and dryers? Anyone thrown caution to the wind, wanted an hour back of their life, or just decided that puffy is the new Paris Hilton unicorn pool float? The urge to straighten, pull, and hairspray the bejesus out of my head gnaws away at me like a mosquito bite that I just want to incessantly itch. Is there some type of hair rehab for going natural again? I guess I’m helping to save the environment so really it’s quite noble of me.

So What Is A Curly-Haired Girl To Do?

I went to an all women’s college and some of the ladies did not appreciate my early morning hair wrangling after a night of hard hitting the wine and cheese.  My passion for curl destruction landed me this book as a gift:

I read it, smiled, and tucked it away–I was an English and history double major.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

As I got older, though, I realized that I wanted to read more, travel more, and heck, workout more.  In your 30’s these little gray things start to pop out too…and everything changes.  Your teeth get a little less pretty and your hair changes consistency.  Wait, or is that just me?!  I hope not.  Shiver.  These days, I go more natural with the occasional hot air attack.  I’ve found products that work small miracles, Princess Diana-style (not quite Mother Teresa), that I love.


Curly hair care products that I live by:

#1: A Wazor Hairdryer

This baby works quick miracles and dries my long, thick Rapuzel locks in under 30 minutes:

The best part:  I haven’t blown it up yet or popped my circuit breakers!


#2: Leave-in sprays and/or a curl cream

I use these two hair savers almost every day.  They make the floor a little slippery–but the potentially sprained ankle is worth the risk, trust me:




#3: Hair Mask

For once the damage is done because I couldn’t resist the urge to straighten:

Girl Talk here:  I leave this in while I shave my legs (so 5-minutes; I am Italian), and then rinse.  If you use any, let me know what you think.

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  1. Stephanie Pierpont
    May 15, 2018 / 1:37 pm

    I have always had straight hair while living in Connecticut and the dryness of the West such as New Mexico or Washington State. That was all until I moved to Florida. Now today I could tell that the moisture is here for the wet season because my ponytail looks like a giant messy Puff or a small animal. I guess I will have to do as you do and look at some new products to use in my hair. Or I can live the way I am and the way most other women are because I live in Florida.

    • Christine
      May 15, 2018 / 2:22 pm

      My hair was so straight in CT and MA too and also dryer. I could almost wash it every 3-4 days. I live with it in FL as is too for the most part but definitely give my locks a little more love. I noticed the water is different in each state and because mine is so long, I need to adjust products. I try not to spend too much time on hair; there are so many other things I’d rather be doing: blogging, reading, playing with cats, bike riding, working out, chilling by the pool! I do have to be careful with the chlorine water and sun too. It gets so bleached! Love the “live the way’ I am attitude. Thanks for reading xoxo

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