Dancing on the beach in Ipanema, Brazil

Dancing on the beach in Ipanema, Brazil

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“When she walks, she’s like a samba/That swings so cool and sways so gentle/That when she passes, each one she passes/Goes “a-a-a-h” ~ The Girl From Ipanema by Jobim, de Moraes and Gimbel (Eng. lyrics)

I too said “Ahhhhhh” in Ipanema, but for very different reasons.

This year, I have vowed to walk with a dance in my step—one that in my head is an exotic bellydance but in reality is more like a bad rendition of the Cupid Shuffle. As I look ahead to all that I hope to accomplish, I cannot help but to look back: Brazil was the second trip abroad that my husband and I took together as a couple. He proposed in Paraty right before we headed to Iguaçu and right after I had a near death experience with a hairdryer that had gotten in an altercation with a cheap Indonesian adapter. Blue flames up the wall, a metal probe stuck in the socket, melting plastic, a bloody finger, and a hotel staff too dumbfounded to even charge us for the damage. Sigh. Honestly, it’s not a successful vacation if I don’t fry some type of hair device, although I’ve gotten better. Anddddd, I won’t even dive into how I thought I contracted rabies this same day. (Am I over salivating? Do you see that orb in the corner of the room?) I digress…

One of the most beautiful countries that we have visited in Central and South America (and dangerous to girls who try to assault their curly hair and can’t resist playing with cute stray dogs), Brazil holds a special place in my heart. As our visa is about to expire, we are hoping to make a short visit. Cascading waterfalls, a towering reminder of religion, misty blue water, squeaky cable car rides, and skimpy bathing suits bearing sandy butt checks are calling to me. Maybe it’s actually heaven beckoning given my record but lets hope for the former. Do you have any favorite Brazilian places?

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