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About The Uncorked Librarian

Rogue Librarian * Book Reviewer * Travel Blogger * Storyteller 

About The Uncorked Librarian

Hold on, let me put down my glass of, uhhh, I mean this awesome book… Just kidding, and welcome!

The Uncorked Librarian, LLC (TUL) is a travel tips and stories, blogging resources, and book blog. As a female entrepreneur, Christine shares full-bodied book reviews, tipsy travel tips, and the subtleties of everyday life for the thirsty soul.

Why The Uncorked Librarian?

First and foremost, I (Christine) am a rogue MLIS librarian who recently left the reference desk in pursuit of living the dream life. A life defined by my passions and most importantly, me. This fulfillment includes more writing, travel, yoga, and time with friends and family.  And of course, wine. I love tasting a sparkling white Sicilian Cometa on the Planeta Estate or sipping an oaked Chardonnay on a picnic table overlooking the CT fall foliage. Add in a good indie book, and I’m in heaven.

But I did not create this site to lay around in my LulaRoe leggings with my cats and drink wine all day:

My goals with The Uncorked Librarian are to:

  • Help other bloggers gain confidence in their writing and reach their true blogging potential through a series of articles, tutorials, and resources
  • Spotlight well written books by authors and publishers who are lesser known, particularly in the indie world
  • Share travel experiences and knowledge gained to help other adventure seekers explore the world and pursue their wanderlust dreams
  • Provide collaborative posts to expose readers to eclectic information and people
  • Make the world both a smaller and bigger place where we can all connect and build community to enhance our lives and treat each other with compassion

What You Will Find Here

  • Book Reviews: As a passionate and avid reader, you can expect book reviews of current and older titles as well as soon-to-be-published reads for all ages.  I receive and choose Advanced Reading Copies (ARCs) and galleys.  I am a professional reviewer through portals such as Netgalley.  Authors and publishers directly contact me for reviews, too.   Along with book summaries and feisty but sincere opinions, you will find suggestions for read alikes.  I favor reviewing indie authors as they are some of the best.  I also work together with top bloggers and bookstagrammers to create comprehensive book lists.


  • Travel Tips and Stories: Having traveled throughout the world to countries such as Indonesia, Italy, Brazil, Panama, Belize, Nicaragua, Turkey, Mexico, and Greece, you will find travel stories, unique itineraries, and travel tips.  Expect books and booze.  You will also see local posts from the United States meant to inspire and make you smile.  A transplanted Floridian, also get insider Disney tips.  Gosh, I’m a sucker for rose gold ears.


  • Blogging Tips and Resources: A blogger throughout my life, I recently decided to share my successes of blogging.  Find social media tips, how to monetize your blog, and how to turn your blog into a full-time business and LLC.  Be sure to check out my always updated Blogging Resources Page.

More About Christine

I am a MLIS graduate from the University of South Florida with a BA in English and History from Smith College.  The travel bug completely took over after my year as a Fulbright Scholar in Depok, Indonesia.  In Indo, I taught English at a public high school and acted as Miss America for the year.  Really, I played a lot of Uno, read the entire Sookie Stackhouse series, and stood in front of 600 students each week, wildly gesturing and sweating. 

I hold certifications in TEFL and Youth Development.  In the office-like world, I possess more than 10 years of urban program management experience with a focus on literacy and teaching as well as five years in the public library systems. 

Today, I am a board member for a nonprofit that brings the joys of reading to families.  When not promoting literacy, I parade around (more like beach down) as a pilot’s wife with four furry children in the sunshine state.  Obsessions include: YA books, brewery yoga, olives, owl everything, caticorns, and Sicily.  I have a reputation for finding breweries and wineries anywhere I go–with no notice–and being direct; heck, I am a New Englander at heart.

Want To Connect?

I love to chat and share stories.  You can find me on:

How Can We Work Together

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