Review and Read Alikes: The Art Forger by B.A. Shapiro

Review and Read Alikes: The Art Forger by B.A. Shapiro

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In 1990, thirteen paintings were stolen from the Elizabeth Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. One of those paintings included Degas’ After the Bath.  Aiden Markel, world famous owner of the Markel G Gallery, believes that he has recovered the stolen painting. Not wanting to return the piece to the museum before he has a reproduction made, Aiden seeks out the repro talents of Claire Roth. Aiden wishes to sell the reproduction as the real painting to an international, corrupt dealer and promises to return the original to the museum.  Aiden is a business man, after all.

On the other side of this debatable forgery, Claire has been struggling for an artistic comeback after her ex-boyfriend—who has since committed suicide—claimed her work as his own. With little money on hand and a tarnished reputation, Claire is forced to teach art at a local juvenile detention center and paint reproductions for  Her specialty is oils, and her extreme talent is going to waste.   With the enticing promise of money, a show at Markel G, and the added bonus of romance, Claire decides to work with Aiden.  Aiden ensures Claire that they won’t get caught and that her role is just to paint like she always has, pretending the Degas is a mere copy.  Jumping from present to past, readers are taken on a century long journey.  Moral boundaries are blurred in this historical thriller filled with lies, deceit, and crime after crime.

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About the author:

B.A. Shapiro, also known as Barbara Shapiro, is the author of seven books, four screenplays, and one nonfiction piece.  She has worked in many capacities such as a college professor of sociology and creating writing.  After quitting a high stress job while trying to raise her family, Shapiro decided start writing.  She now lives in Boston with her husband.

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