Pictures Paired With Storytelling: A Unique Sydney and Melbourne Travel Guide Book Review

Pictures Paired With Storytelling: A Unique Sydney and Melbourne Travel Guide Book Review

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Have you ever wondered how you could share your heartfelt travel stories and memories with the world? Put Instagram into a universal book? Or transform your journal into a travel guide, inspiring others to take their first steps out into the world? Husband and wife, K. MacKenzie Freeman and Doug Freeman, have done just this with their Sydney and Melbourne travel guide, Impressions of Sydney and Melbourne. As part of a series, this book navigates readers through Australia using both pictures and short stories.

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A Book Review of Impressions of Sydney and Melbourne by K. MacKenzie Freeman and Doug Freeman

A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

If you recall the English Lit idiom, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” then you are already prepared for the Freemans’ memoirs. The idea behind this older phrase is that one picture tells a more complex story than a word-filled description. Playing on this expression, the Freeman family has decided to test their words against original photographs from their time abroad. Each picture in the Freemans’ book is paired with a 1,000-character description of what they experienced, breathed, ate, learned, saw, and felt.

Even better is the inspiration for this series. The authors sacrificed nuptials with a small wedding ceremony in order to have a 10-week honeymoon. These are my kind of people. If you aren’t jealous, like me, you probably should be. In those two and a half months, the Freemans toured much of Western Europe, and like most of us travelers, fell madly in love with the world. Thirty-three years later, they have visited 20 countries and 38 U.S. states. One of the products of their travels includes Impressions of Sydney and Melbourne, which is the third volume in their travel series.


Walk Through The Streets Of Sydney And Melbourne With The Freemans

Written like a journal in first person point of view, readers are introduced to Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. The first part of the book is divided into 41 short stories about Sydney. The second part incorporates 21 Melbourne tales. FYI: they do offer a slightly cheaper version with just Sydney if you have no interest in Melbourne.

Through the Freeman family’s stories, learn about the maritime history behind the boats, get a sneak peek into the table manners of the local dogs, study art beside them, and stare in awe at the Blue Mountains. The Freemans intersperse history with personal story and experiences. They do not pretend to be experts in the field and sometimes prefer to marvel at the beauty of nature instead of always trying to explain the 5 W’s. The stories read like nostalgic memories, in no particular order, almost like a scrapbook. The pictures are simple and true to most tourist photography (my photography skill set as well): clean and a clear shot of what you see with sometimes a fun angle or two. This is not a fancy pants photography book, but instead a fun travelogue with a casual tone and meaningful snapshots.

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A Sincere Sydney and Melbourne Travel Guide Unlike Any Other

I would recommend Impressions of Sydney and Melbourne for a more mature audience and those who are considering travel or looking to read a memoir. If you like perusing journals and others’ thoughts and impressions, you will smile along with the Freemans’ cozy adventures. These guys do not get too wild, and while the travel tips and history might lack some oomph for the increasingly well-traveled millennial gang, others will find heart and inspiration in their stories. The Freeman family does not jump off bridges, but they do walk over them with gusto. Endearing, informative, and sincere, Impressions is a quick and perfect ebook read, especially for those looking for a story-esque Sydney and Melbourne travel guide.  I just eat up storytelling with photographs.

The Freemans encourage readers to purchase the ebook, which is in color.  Printed book copies are in black and white. You can order a copy here on Amazon.

I would like to personally thank MacKenzie and Doug Freeman for sending me a free copy of Impressions of Sydney and Melbourne in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Impressions of Sydney and Melbourne (A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Characters Series Vol.3) by K. MacKenzie Freeman and Doug Freeman [CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 2017]

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