Review: Space Case (Moon Base Alpha #1)

Twelve-year-old Dash leaves his comfortable Hawaiian life behind so that his non-geeky, scientist parents can work on the space station, Moon Base Alpha. The humor and inconvenience of pooping in space soon becomes overshadowed by the death of Dr. Holtz, one of the base’s top scientists. With Dr. Holtz about to announce a breakthrough in his studies, Dash fails to believe that his death is an accident, as everyone else is led to believe. After a cryptic video message, Dash begins to investigate and risks his own life to uncover the truth in this suspenseful fourth to seventh grade read. Although I have seen this title recommended for third graders, the content, vocabulary, and plot are rather intense. Space Case is a juvenile version of The Martian, full of space and science terminology with the added bonus of a murder mystery. Frazier almost mimics the audio version of The Martian,…

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