Endearingly Beautiful Novel About Alzheimer’s: A Long Goodbye

The Problems Book Bloggers Face: Please be good; please be good; pleaseeeee be good When I look back at why I started a book blog, my motivations stemmed from wanting to find lesser-known titles and my desire to bring them into the public eye.  Readers’ advisory was always my favorite excuse to chat endlessly with patrons at the reference desk. I equally loved finding a title that I may have never picked up without some gentle coaxing. Yes, many book bloggers choose and receive ARCs from databases like NetGalley—a source that I love—but even better is when an author or member related to them reaches out with a sincere and well put together PR email. When that same email brings home the idea of a novel about Alzheimer’s disease from an author whom the subject matter personally relates, I know my heart is in for a doozy. I hate crying. …

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