Philosophical Science Fiction: When Mother Nature Fights Back

Sneak Peek Parasitic worms burrowing into eye sockets, oceans filled with man-eating, snake-like monsters, and fields of eyes are just small proof that Mother Nature is pretty pissed off at mankind. Caught in this murderous world is Mr. David S. Sparks, but he has no idea how he landed here. Who is he? Where he is? When is he? And how is he?  Shit, WHAT IS HE? In William Aicher’s latest philosophical science fiction thriller, The Unfortunate Expiration of Mr. David S. Sparks, David attempts to recollect and piece together snippets of his memory from a seemingly normal past.  At the same time, he must fight a system overload and shutdown of his present situation. David is the most important man in the world, after all. David can barely pledge allegiance to one side. The Progressives, drone-like businessmen, kill others for their own selfish gain but promise to restore his…

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