Review: The Wicked Deep by Shea Ernshaw

For centuries, the three Swan sisters have haunted the town of Sparrow in feminist yet sadistic revenge for their unlawful drowning as allegedly seductive witches. Each year as summer washes in, the vengeful sisters return, possessing teenage girls’ bodies and luring boys out to sea—permanently. Partly viewed as a coincidental myth, Swan Season has malformed into a spectator sport for both locals and tourists alike. This summer is no different, and power and danger lie within humanity’s innate fear.   Every day is a modern witch-hunt and no one can be trusted, including our narrator and her group of friends. Add into the plot, Bo, a handsome and mysterious stranger arriving at the start of Swan season. Bo becomes captivated by Penny Talbot, a 17-year-old whose life has not been easy; her father has been missing and presumed dead for years and her brokenhearted mother steeps in depression just like the…

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