Ten of the Best Books to Give Your Dad

Are you looking for a more meaningful gift for your dad?  Maybe for Father’s Day? Christmas? His Birthday? Why not present the man in your life with a book?  Below, check out the best books to give your dad on Father’s Day or anytime of the year. Why Give A Book As A Present? I look at gifts a lot like how I view giving baby gifts and cards. I would rather sign my name and send along a book than spend $5.00-$10.00 on a card that will ultimately land in the trash. The same goes for gifts, especially for babies. There are only so many pacifiers and newborn clothes that a child needs—and these offerings do not last a lifetime, unlike a book. Books hold meaning, are passed down for generations, and may be timelessly shared with others. Books rarely have a shelf life. No pun intended. Of course,…

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