New Inspirational Book For Teen Girls: Fat Girl on a Plane by Kelly deVos

I’m sorry. You are too fat to fly today. You need to purchase an extra seat, and unfortunately, there are no other seats available. Granted, you could not purchase this seat in advance and are at the mercy of the gate counter gods. Public humiliation times a million, anyone?! Plus, if you don’t get on, you have to explain to your job why you missed the most talked about fashion show this year. Then imagine getting on the plane, after begging your best friend for cash to buy a suddenly open seat, and having to hold a reserved sign next to you. People stop and ask for your second seat. To make matters worse, the flight oversells. Now one of your skinny, beautiful, and viciously mean classmates wants the seat you paid for.   The flight attendants decide you aren’t that fat, as onlookers sneer in disgust. What do you do?…

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