How Not To Write A Book About Race: A Book Review of A Mentor and Her Muse

A Book Review of A Mentor and Her Muse by Susan Sage When offered a free copy for review by both the publisher and independently from the author, A Mentor and Her Muse had a deceptively enticing story. Marketed as a psychological thriller with racial and sexual tensions juxtaposed with the art of writing, I wanted to know more. Unfortunately, not only did the title fall short in interest, but I also found myself sick to my stomach with the poor discussion and depictions of race. Over and over again, I questioned the stereotypes and information provided.  I had not seen many other reviewers bring up issues with the portrayal of black characters in the book—although I saw plenty of less than stellar reviews–so I kept giving A Mentor and Her Muse a chance. Towards the end, a paragraph reinforced that this book has made fatal, tragic flaws. Why I continued…

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