Review: Girls Like Us By Gail Giles

Girls Like Us by Gail Giles is a young adult read that takes risks at portraying ‘street’ youth with emotional and physical disabilities.  This title is especially relevant for its multicultural and realistic fiction elements. Upon high school graduation and spending years as “Speddies” in the special education program, Biddy and Quincy enter the ‘real’ world. Placed in a safe home environment with an older woman and given jobs, both girls learn to work together.  Ultimately, the girls form a family with the people around them, and over time, Biddy and Quincy discover how to overcome abuse and rape. At the book’s heart, Giles examines Biddy and Quincy to their core; as Biddy sheds her protective, giant coat filled with candy bars, we know that these characters have grown. Chapters alternate with each girl’s distinct voice.  The different perspectives help to show the unique ways in which we see and interpret the world.…

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