Review: Grains of Sand by Sibylle Delaroix

Grains of Sand by Sibylle Delaroix is a story that makes readers imagine coming home from a beach vacation as a young child, filled with longing for sun-packed days and endless sandcastles. Away from the water, our wistful protagonists—an adorable brother and sister—are clearly disappointed that the trip has ended.  These two are craving more of their sandy playtime. With minds still reeling with gold and blue beach hues, our little duo decides to plant their leftover sand. Watering these unique sand seeds with their imagination, the children watch and skip along as umbrellas, pinwheels, and ice cream grow. Eventually calm and sated, they head to bed. Although ideas like waves of laughter painted with ocean surf might be more abstract to younger children, Grains of Sand is a beautifully written and illustrated book that evokes nostalgia in all ages—including myself. The sweet, simple concept of bringing home the beach…

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