Book Review- Road Trips: A Guide to Travel, Adventure, and Choosing Your Own Path by Jen CK Jacobs

With fun and beautifully placed pictures, stories, interviews, charts, and recipes, Road Trips by Jen CK Jacobs advises readers how to have the most fruitful travel experiences on the road. Divided into four distinct and concise parts, Jacobs begins by telling readers how to set out on an adventure.  This preparation includes checking the car and packing snacks.  Jacobs suggests journaling and recording those experiences as well as compiling and showcasing inspiring mementos for years to come. The forth section, compiled from her journal entries, describes Jacobs’ favorite road trips.  She shares what she has learned about life, death, and love. A few of her destinations include Ireland and the Joshua Tree, emphasizing the universality of this nonfiction, teenage and adult read. Lastly, Jacobs’ ends with helpful books and other travel resources to help any type of explorer better navigate the world. Jacobs might just be my writing soul sister,…

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