Kids’ Books About Sharing: Stop Being a HedgeHOG, Eugene!

If you are looking for sweet and colorful kids’ books about sharing, Ashlyn Anstee’s Hedgehog will truly hog the spotlight. What could be more adorable than a grumpy, most-likely only child hedgehog? Before I get trolled, I suggest this character description lovingly and half-jokingly as an only child myself. A Story About A Hedge Hog (Spelled Correctly, I Promise) With winter fast approaching, the backyard garden animals are hustling to find indoor homes. Our protagonist, Eugene the Hedgehog, is fortunately safe and warm in the garden hedges. Below him and to his dismay, grasshopper also has secured digs. Librarian confession here: I Goggled “what is the habitat of a hedgehog.” I care about accurate representation. Boo my English and History double major. Hedgehogs do live in the hedges, obviously. With Eugene nestled in for the season with his apple pie on the stove and cute “Home is where the hog…

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