Living with Ulcerative Colitis: 10 Tips For Traveling

Ulcerative Colitis (UC) is a big part of my life. Ten years ago, as I was packing up my apartment to leave for Indonesia, circumstances started to get a bit messy.  I began seeing the signs and symptoms of colitis, and scopes revealed minor inflammation in the left side of my colon.  I managed to somewhat successfully live abroad for the year, regardless. Fighting corrupt customs for maintenance medication and accidentally ingesting a parasite made me appreciate my time abroad even more. I worried that I would never again have the opportunity to travel, especially after starting to see more aggressive UC symptoms. Living with Ulcerative Colitis is truly life changing, but chronic illness does not have to be life ending. My Diagnosis  I barely managed my symptoms, but the blood and gore never cleared up during the first 8.5 years of my diagnosis.  Acclimated to this way of life,…

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