Get Your Witch On! 10 Wickedly Witchy Books

Are you looking for witchy books this season? From witches grounded in a deep Wiccan past to whimsical beasties with powers, witches take on many roles in modern day literature. I always wondered what was borderline cultural appropriation as soon as authors bring in the Wiccan religion. I’d love to know your thoughts. Then, we watch steamy episodes of HBO’s True Blood with a different type of perverted witchy cult juxtaposed with naïve and endearing teenage witch coming of age stories.  Plus, have you started the Chilling Adventures of New Sabrina yet? Below are titles—all of which I have read and recommend—for adults and teens looking for books about witches. In some of these titles, witches are upfront and center, Hocus Pocus style.  In others, these powerful cacklers play minor but necessary background roles. Here are TUL’s top 10 wickedly witchy books to get you in the wickedly witchy spirit any time…

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