Florida Humidity VS My Hair, Round 1: Curly hair care products to live by

Battle Of The Tresses & Exploding Hairdyers: The one thing that I have learned in the sunshine state is to put down the hairdryer.  …Unless it’s that one month where the temperature actually stays in the 60’s or I need to look like I actually tried to be presentable; i.e. My mom is in town, I’m taking my psychotic cat to the already judgmental vet, or I’m hoping Pep Boys will give me a free oil change.  Curly hair care products are a Florida girl’s best friend, and for me, here’s why: Giving up my straightening tools isn’t a bad idea given my history with exploding hairdryers.  …OK, anddddd possibly also igniting them and the walls that they are attached to through poor international adaptor usage.  Don’t judge this world traveler who just can’t resist a strong American blowdryer.  Sally’s pretty much features my mug on a wanted sign out…

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