Books About Art Forgery: The Art Forger

Books About Art Forgery: The Art Forger by B.A. Shapiro An Well-Written Story With A Splash of Art History In 1990, thirteen paintings were stolen from the Elizabeth Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. One of those paintings included Degas’ After the Bath.  Aiden Markel, world famous owner of the Markel G Gallery, believes that he has recovered the stolen painting. Not wanting to return the piece to the museum before he has a reproduction made, Aiden seeks out the reproduction talents of Claire Roth. Aiden wishes to sell the reproduction as the real painting to an international, corrupt dealer and promises to return the original to the museum.  Aiden is a business man, after all. Romance Plus Art Forgery Equals Blurred Moral Boundaries On the other side of this debatable forgery, Claire has been struggling for an artistic comeback.  Her ex-boyfriend—who has since committed suicide—claimed her work as his own, thus devastating her…

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