Ommm…Beeeeer…Ommm: Central Florida Beer Yoga

I wish that I could constantly sit on a plane en route to countries filled with sidewalk cafes.  I dream of getting lost down small alleyways and finding historic treasures.  Sometimes, though, I find a little local piece of heaven with these 4 words: Central Florida beer yoga. Yoga, Hops, & All The Feels: Central Florida Beer Yoga I have been a yogi since college.  P.S. Guys, I’m old so that means I’ve been doing yoga for 17 years.  Every Saturday is sheer yoga bliss. Seeking inner peace and a solid workout, I attend one of the most atmospheric breweries—dim white lights with a gorgeous twisting tree logo–for morning yoga. As I unroll my Manduka on the concrete floor, a gorgeous industrial-beamed ceiling greets me. Like a Lightroom filter, silver and muted tones of blues and oranges ensconce my mat and soothe my yoga soul.  My love of beer may…

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