Review: The Big Bad Fox by Benjamin Renner

The Big Bad Fox by Benjamin Renner is an incredibly endearing and moralistic children’s read: The fox is terrible at being an intimidating and terrifying carnivore.  This lack of scare-factor is unfortunate because his appetite is insatiable. His frequent trips to the farm annoy the mother hen and prove the guard dog’s nonchalant laziness. The wolf suggests that fox stealthy steal eggs and hatch them into plump and tasty meals. A seemingly brilliant idea, the chicks hatch and assume fox is their momma. Reminiscent of Mother Bruce, fox raises the chicks.  He engages them in fantastical play such turnip tea parties and role-playing about the big bad fox. Predictably when dinnertime arrives, fox realizes that he loves his little chicks.  Since wolf has his own plans for chicken dinner, fox must seek sanctuary at the farm. Comical and sweet, The Big Bad Fox is a juvenile graphic novel for second to…

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