The Making Of A Book Review Blog

Why did I create a book review blog?  And then decide to smush in traveling?  Find out below: My Books Bring All The…Lizards To The Yard Every night after a day full of teaching high schoolers English and early AM wakeups from the azan and roti roti vendor—along with horns, backfiring motorbikes, and the never ending village yet city-like sounds in my Indonesian home—I would land on my couch with a good book. These books came from care packages and overpriced expat stores.  Plus, I had a few that made the cut on the weight-restricting journey from America. Cicaks fell from the ceiling onto my pages as I melted in the oppressively humid air.  Daily thunder earthquaked my stucco walls.  I would read throughout the night, usually by headlamp, as my power and water just happened to peter out between 9 and 10 pm. I only stopped in between paragraphs to…

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