Brand New Zoo Picture Book With A Lovable Sloth

I just read a tweet where a book blogger joked about how, ‘No, the picture book stack that she carried around was not for small children.’ Sometimes I feel the same way at the library or bookstore when I dart childless into the teen and children’s room. Nope, I am not a creeper as the security guard who once followed me in probably thought. I just want to read all of the books. I am especially excitable when I see colored pencil and water colored animals. Also, I am a sucker for cutesy critters with big eyes. What can I say? That is why when I found Sloth at the Zoom by Helaine Becker—a new zoo picture book—I had to request the title on NetGalley. Sloth and I could seriously be besties as she loves to live the relaxed life full of sunset watching, friends, and of course, food. A…

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