What Airline Standby Is Really Like

Tales From A Pilot’s Wife Pilot’s wife; pilot’s life. Or something like that. We travel a lot, and everyone always thinks that we both travel for free since my husband is a commercial airline pilot. “Oh, I see you went to Amsterdam in December and Indonesia in February. Must be so nice to pay nothing. I’d travel more if I had that opportunity.”  Would you travel more, though, if you knew what airline standby entails?  It’s also rarely free. via GIPHY Let me preface by saying that we don’t risk flying standby for international flights since my husband does not work for an international airline.  We always pay full price for those seats, especially since we don’t have the time to waste and we’d still have to pay a large chunk of the ticket in international fees. Plus, imagine having hotels and an itinerary booked and paid for but then…

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