Review: Rich People Problems (Crazy Rich Asians #3)

As part of the popular adult fiction series Crazy Rich Asians, Kwan strikes a well-written, extravagantly high-pitched chord of excessive wealth through his spoiled group of characters. More intently examining the lives of minor characters and pumping up grandma with sustenance, I thoroughly enjoyed every fast-paced minute, starting with who would inherit Tyersall Park and ending with Astrid’s brush with the tabloids. Suspenseful, humorous, and with characters that have developed so consistently over the past two books, I find myself cheering on Astrid as she follows her heart and Nick as he hopes to reconcile his relationship with his grandmother—without worrying about his inheritance. Eddie is still a scumbag and more so a child than his own prepped up and inflated kids, and Kitty Pong’s small yet significant transformation actually blew my mind. Rachel has taken a back seat in this one, and I’m OK with that. With everyone’s fate…

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