Monkey Trouble in Bali: Visiting Uluwatu Temple

My husband always considered me fearless until the monkeys… In Bali, we grabbed drinks overlooking the beach at Single Fin and headed to Uluwatu to see the Kecak and Fire Dance. The male performers artistically chant “cak” for over an hour during sunset while traditional characters reenact famous scenes from the Ramayana. The circle formed in the temple surrounding the fire paired with the backdrop of the glistening sun is just stunning. Personally, I loved that Hanuman started talking selfies with audience members—gotta keep it relevant. But onto the hissing monkeys. Let me start by saying that the Ubud Monkey Forest was a one-time experience (2009) that I will never re-visit. Never, never, never. On this trip to Indonesia, I told everyone: NO MONKEYS.  When we pulled up to the temple for the fire dance, our friend coughed out: bythewaytherearemonkeys.  SERIOUSLY?! While touring Uluwatu, announcements warned that if a monkey…

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