Top Beach Reads: Chill Out With A Good Book This Summer

Most days living in Florida I feel like I am melting.  The windows steam up each morning and the parched lizards start moving slower.  The scorching heat makes beach visits daunting, and even sitting by the pool is a challenge.  This frying an egg–aka me–on the pavement scenario is problematic.  My favorite past time involves a book, cool drink, and The Uncorked Librarian in a lounge chair. How do you make these hot days bearable?  Book to beach is like wine to Christine.  There is, of course, only one solution: more alcohol!  Well, frothier drinks at least and maybe more engaging books.  In fact, what if the book gave you the chills?  I’m talking shivers like when you watch Riverdale (Season 2) before bed.  Or even better, what if you read about ice skating and the winter while roasting outside?  Or how about getting your head sawed off and cryogenically frozen? …

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