Book Review: Where Will I Live? by Rosemary McCarney

The Heart of Where Will I Live?: Looking for books about refugees for kids? Where Will I Live? is an extremely timely nonfiction title for kindergarten to third graders about refugees fleeing their homes for safety and a better life. Readers learn how refugees travel: walk, run, ride on the backs of trucks, and trek through the desert. McCarney describes where they are running to geographically and structurally, which is sometimes unknown. Will they live under a staircase, along the travelled roads, or in a tent? Even the climate makes a difference.  Each question or set of questions is paired with a picture and its respective country. Refugees are not just one culture, religion, group, or ethnicity. After all of this dangerous and indeterminate traveling, McCarney ends with the notion of hope. Maybe someone will welcome these children and their families into their homes, communities, neighborhoods, and countries. Lets have hope for friends,…

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