Turning Your Blog Into A Business

Are you a blogger considering turning your blog into a business?  Are you wondering if this step is necessary, what it takes, and how you can earn money blogging? If you answered yes, this post is for you.  If no, that’s OK too as I have terrific news to share with you and ways that you can support your favorite bloggers. The Days of Facilitating Library Business Seminars My Intro To Business Start-Up For 4.5 years, I co-taught business seminars at my public library in collaboration with our Small Business Development Center.  Confident yet equally terrified, here I stood a Smithie English and History double major finishing her MLIS yet discussing Reference USA for key demographics.  I cannot tell you how many times I repeated the phrase “register you fictitious name” and stifled a giggle.  WTF was a fictitious name, really? I had no idea what I was talking about but it…

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