Positano: Where You, Too, Can Run Into John Stamos

When you intoxicatingly admire how well your manicure matches the color of your Italian wine, you might miss John Stamos sneaking by. In Positano, I was doing just that. Tucked deep into the cliffside with a glass of red wine and mussels (to which a German tourist chided me were not in season) with my back to the world, my husband leaned across the table and whispered: “John Stamos just walked by.” I laughed, shrugged ‘you crazy,’ and continued intently comparing my wine with my nail polish. Then it happened again: John Stamos really was sneaking through the back alleys of Positano with his latest girlfriend. Jessie, I mean John, confirmed our musings with that quick (gorgeous) Full House-style smirk as I screamed, “Oh my god, that IS John Stamos.” Like a skittish deer not wanting to be captured or admired, he slipped seamlessly around the corner, lost on the tiny…

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