Five of Historic Saint Augustine, Florida’s Best Kept Secrets

In Saint Augustine, Florida antiquity allures visitors while the modern establishments entertain and nourish. We headed to St. Aug. with no set itinerary, but found ourselves seduced by its historic spell.  To newbies, the city may be overwhelming.  If you are just visiting for a short stay, below are my recommendations for the perfect St. Augustine, Florida weekend trip.   A Quick Introduction to St. Aug., Florida In a trance-like gait we wandered neighborhoods, lusting over old Victorians.  We stopped to admire parks with artistically and poignantly dedicated monuments and reached over to stroke local furry celebrities parading down the cobblestoned roads. St. Augustine, Florida boasts of the Fountain of Youth—home to some possessive peacocks—the oldest wooden schoolhouse in the United States, and B&Bs bursting with guests who have never left. An old fort greets you on one side adjacent to a cheesy yet swashbuckling fun pirate museum. I even…

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