Visiting Tanah Lot in Bali, Indonesia

Visiting Tanah Lot in Bali, Indonesia

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Traveling whispers unintentional commentary on humanity—which might explain why I am such a people watcher. Sidewalk cafes feed my imagination and more tourist destinations read like one giant live Facebook feed. Bali is no exception.

Tanah Lot is beautiful and crowded. It is steamy hot from the equatorial sun yet cool and misty from the ocean breeze. Men pedaling pictures with giant snakes greet visitors as couples casually soak in views from strategically placed benches. Young girls with big hats and flowing dresses work tirelessly on their Instagram selfies and videos, backs turned to the views, while dreamers and poets silently ask the clouds and sea for inspiration. The tide restricts access like a snobby bouncer, causing longer cliff-side lingering, and low tide grants exclusive and pushy access. A juxtaposition of natural beauty and tourism, inspiration and chaos. Indonesia is a series contradictions just like America, which makes it uniquely Indonesia and equally magnificent.

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