67 Blog Post Ideas For Book Bloggers

67 Blog Post Ideas For Book Bloggers

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What should I write my blog about?  Even after weeks and years of blogging, we all have this question at some point. If you are a book blogger, here are 67 blog post ideas for engaging book blogging audiences.

Many times book bloggers wonder what they should write about or why they are not seeing a lot of blog traffic.  As a book blogger, you can feel trapped within the niche or run out of ideas for innovative posts.  Writing review after review for advanced reading copies gets tedious.

However, there are a ton of unique topics that you can write about related to books, reading, literature, and blogging itself.

You can use ‘blog post idea’ generators, read others’ posts about book blogging, and see what your favorite book bloggers are writing about to get your own creative wine grapes smushed and fermenting.  I also love to evaluate what is trending on Google Trends, and I always play with keywords on UberSuggest.

But just in case writer’s block hits you like one too many Old Fashioneds late at night, here are 67 blog post ideas for beginners and novices.

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Blog Post Ideas For Book Bloggers

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First Blog Post Ideas: Your Typical Book Blogging Posts

Like bread, as a book blogger, you want a few staple posts that people rely on day to day. You need some book reviews and book lists to gain street cred.

A few ideas include:

  1. Book reviews – Review those books!  You need the ever-steady book review with an authentic summary and opinion. Do not copy and paste Goodreads and Amazon summaries. That insults your reader and is just lazy. Even nonlibrarians can look that shit up. Also, don’t write your opinion like a third grader: “I liked this story because it was so fast paced.  I disliked when the boy kissed the girl.  This part was SO amazing.”


  1. Book lists

Book lists are all the rage.  People like choices and short, easy summaries.  Make your book list posts fun and authentic. Choose books that people don’t normally read. Think about:

3. Period book lists – WWII, Prohibition, Elizabethan England

4. Indie author book lists – There are tons of talented indie authors just waiting to be discovered.  If you have a strong social media presence and clear book review policy, they will find you.

5. Niche book lists – Think about what bloggers and entrepreneurs want to read.  What about health fanatics? Leadership books are huge these days.  People love Oprah and Obama’s book choices.

6. Theme lists – People love book lists all about dogs or witches.  Think outside of the box and pick one specific character, creature, and element.  Run with it.

7. Seasonal, special day, and holiday book lists – Valentine’s Day books anyone?  Don’t make this a boring list, though.  Think about scorned lovers, unique love, and books that tear love apart.  Remember Black History Month, International Women’s Day, and all of those random holidays that people totally made up: avocado day…sure, I got this!

Don’t forget all of these fundamental book list ideas too…

8. Favorite book club books – ‘Book Club Books’ is my top performing Pinterest board, which sucks for me right now since I have no posts about them on my blog.  I gotta get on that ASAP.

9. Books for teens that adults will love – Personally, I love YA, and I always sneak YA into my book lists.  Tell adults who don’t read young adult fiction what will appeal to them.

10. Picture books about a specific teachable topic for kids – Kindness, the world, sharing, potty training…Pick a theme and roll with it.  Librarians and teachers love these lists too. Know your audience.

11. Favorite audiobooks – Audiobooks are a huge niche that doesn’t always get a lot of love.  Busy readers on the go want to know what books are worth their time in the car or at the gym.

Beginner Blog Post Ideas 

A few blog post ideas for book bloggers that are fairly standard besides the typical book review include book tags, author interviews, books hauls, and blog tours.

  1. Not your average book review – List 5 reasons why you should read a book or 10 things you learned from this title.


  1. Book quotes – Write about your favorite book quotes in a non-cliché way.  Create attractive social media images for your quotes too.  These squares circulate well as Pinterest pins and inspire Instagrammers.  Please also remember to credit your source.  A huge influencer gone author is going down for her plagiarism of motivational quotes as I write this.


  1. Book tags – Book bloggers love book tags and circulate them on Twitter like a librarian handing out library cards at a school open house. Book tags are fun and a great way to attract new bloggers to your site. They help build community and backlink bloggers too.


  1. Cover reveals – Publishers will send you top secret and coveted book covers to circulate on a specific date.  Typically, you reveal the cover and build hype for the book.


  1. Author interviews – Truth be told: I find these tedious and boring in the book world if done poorly. Write engaging and authentic questions.  Think about what your readers will want to know and what provides value for them.

Community Book Blogging Post Ideas

I love the book community, and you can find us on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook.  Community book blogging is great to support fellow book bloggers and find like-minded people.  Picture bookish people meeting from all around the world.

  1. Guest posts – Sometimes authors, publishers, and other bloggers will approach you for a guest post.  While TUL doesn’t allow full guest posts for personal reasons, I do allow writers to contribute to my pieces.  I love having diverse voices and opinions on my blog.


  1. Giveaways, contests, and awards – I could probably split these categories up, but think about hosting bookish giveaways or creating engaging writing contests.  Just like book tags, people love being nominated for awards too.  Use an award circulating on Twitter or start your own.


  1. Introduction to a new book trend, hashtag or program – Book bloggers love their hashtags and campaigns.  See what is trending on Twitter and IG.  Write a post solely on that topic and share on social media using that hashtag.


  1. Blog tours – Publishers contact popular book bloggers with blog post ideas for touring their books.  They ask for book reviews, guest posts, interviews, and specific blog topics relevant to a new release.  They sometimes ask that you list all of the blogs that they are touring on along with your section of the tour.


Personal Book Blogging Post Ideas

Tell readers more about your personal reading piles.  What is sitting by your bed?  What did you bring home from the library or binge buy during the last Amazon sale?

  1. Did not finish (DNF) books – Always proceed with caution when writing a bad book review.  Personally, I decline a review altogether versus shredding a book or author.  I don’t love DNF lists, but I know readers find them interesting.  Why did you stop reading a book? Who would like the title? Is it worth my time?


  1. Book hauls – Tell me what you brought back from the library.  Tell me.  You just raided the bookstore with as much gusto as I raid a liquor store?  What are you reading? Make those books pretty AF and show them off in bookstagram pictures.


  1. Monthly and end of year wrap-ups – Did you finish reading that book haul?  Tell me what you thought.  How many books did you read this month?  What did you love?  What’s new and trending that we should be on the lookout for?


  1. Read alikes – If you like this book then you will love…  As a former librarian, everyone wanted to know what to read like the freaking Hunger Games.  That’s why I left my system. Just kidding.

Don’t forget the popular book blogging topics too:

  1. Harry Potter everything – You cannot lose.  I don’t even love HP that much.  I know.  Stop reading and go unfollow me everywhere now. BUT PEOPLE ARE POTTERHEADS.  Our pal Harry in any capacity sells.  HP gifts, Harry Potter travels, and what house you should be sorted into. Seriously, god help me.  I’m so over this but the public is NOT.


  1. To be read (TBR) piles – This pile f’ing taunts me.  200 books in?!  Tell us.  We will all feel your glorious pain because book bloggers are sadistic little shits.


Blog Post Ideas All About Reading

Writing about books is fun and all, but you can also write blog post topics about reading:

  1. Reading Challenges – When January hits, so do the reading challenges.  Readers and book bloggers alike love monthly and yearly reading challenges.  Read a book that makes you cry.  Discover a new mystery.  Read a book with 1,000 pages.  Bring it on!


  1. An online book club book – Start an online book club chat.  It doesn’t even have to be monthly.  Pick one book, tell all of your followers (maybe even do a readathon), and start a book discussion online.


  1. How to read more – Readers never have enough time to read.  Share your tricks and tips for reading more. Do you cut back on TV?  Read for 30 minutes in the morning? Help us out here.


  1. Reading tips for families and children – How do you read as a family?  Is your child a struggling reader or doesn’t love reading?  Share helpful ideas that work for you.

Blog Post Ideas To Stir The Pot

I love to stir the pot.  Ranting about IG is my personal favorite, and honestly, people love a good, semi-professional rant (remember brands and businesses are watching sooo be careful).  Book nerds love to engage in hearty debate.

  1. Trending controversial and stimulating topics – See what is trending.  Marie Kondo caused quite the angst and controversy in the book blogging world with her book chucking recommendations.  Blog about that craziness.


  1. A discussion about required reading – Required reading in school has its perks and downfalls.  Discuss.


  1. Are audiobooks considered reading? – I see this one all of the time, and I never get bored watching the world go wild.


  1. Are YA books just junk food for adults or do they have just as much merit? – I love YA as an adult.  Sometimes people need to be converted over to the dark side.  The same goes for Manga, comics, and graphic novels.  Talk about their merit.


  1. Reading troupes – Chat about stereotypes, misrepresentation, and what is overused these days.


  1. Character analysis – Team Werewolf or Team Vampire anyone?  Which classic literary hottie would you bang?


  1. Favorite reading spots and environments – Can you read in a noisy cafe?  Where is the BEST spot to read?

Blog Post Ideas About Literature 

These categories explain themselves.  Blog about the merits of reading and literature.

  1. Is the movie better or worse than the book?


  1. Short versus long books? Classics vs genre fiction?


  1. Share a poetry analysis and tell us why poetry matters to you.


  1. Who are your favorite authors, writers, and poets?


Blog Post Ideas For Writers and Bloggers in the Bookish World

Some book bloggers who want to make money blogging or have a side hustle start writing about the art of writing and book blogging. Remember that you should only write these types of posts if you have experience and have results to back you up. A lot of newbie bloggers blog about blogging and unintentionally give bad advice. Don’t


  1. How to start a bookstagram – Many bloggers use Instagram to share their bookish reviews and posts.  Bookstagram tips are perfect to get people started.  For example, I wrote a Photoshop tutorial for book blogging.


  1. Strong bookish hashtags – What hashtags do you love and why?  Which hashtags bring you engagement, and what ones are overused?

  1. Why start a book blog and how to start a book blog – Tell the world why they should start a book blog and how to do it.


  1. How to write blog posts – Discuss what goes into a solid post: SEO, backlinks, and how to use headings.

  1. How to write a book review – What information should book bloggers include in their reviews?  Disclosures, book information, summary, and opinions.


  1. Writing tips – Some people are born writers and others need advice.  Share your favorite writing tips.


  1. How to make money book blogging – These days, everyone has a side hustle.  Talk about sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and ads.


  1. Feature other book bloggers – Although we are the coolest book bloggers we know, share your favorites and show them some love.  Let your readers know who you like following.


  1. How to increase blog traffic – Bloggers work long and hard on posts.  Share tips for how to get readers and bloggers coming back to your site: newsletters, Pinterest marketing, and IG stories.


  1. How to create engaging posts and topics – Every year, new platforms and ideas arise.  Share your ideas for innovative book topics and writning prompts.

Helpful Blog Post Ideas for Your Readers As Well As Other Bloggers:

  1. Book blogging terms – Book bloggers tend to forget that not everyone is familiar with their lingo.  Define terms in a fun way for your readers.


  1. How to use professional reviewing services like NetGalley – Free books?  Free advanced reading copies?  Book bloggers and readers want to know how. Dish and gossip away.


Unique Blog Ideas: Showcase Your Other Talents Related To Book Blogging

I always believe in staying close to your niche.  I see bloggers create these stranded island posts that are not even remotely related to their niche.  Yup, I used to be one of them too.  STAY ON NICHE.  With that said, you can still blog about books and bookish things.

  1. Showcase your fanfiction – Are you a writer?  Fanfiction is geeky fun.  Create a section on your blog dedicated to your fanfiction.


  1. Display your short stories – Just like fanfiction, share your writing.  Any writing.  Although this may be harder to market on Pinterest, your genuine following will love it.


  1. Share freelancing tips – Are you a freelancer or do you have other reading and writing skills/services.  Provide value to your readers and share your advice.


  1. Do you love bookstores, libraries, and bookish cafes? – Showcase them.  Tell us about them.  Take us with you.


  1. Favorite nerdy board games – There are a ton of fun word games out there as well as games related to books. You can make great affiliate link sales this way too.


  1. Geeky stuff and collections – Do you still have that giant Pooh from when you were 5?  Did you find a Little Prince thermos in Brussels? Do you collect Pop! Funko?   Take all the pictures and post away.


  1. Favorite movies, podcasts, and tv series related to books – Gosh, I love Riverdale, Orange is the New Black, and The Handmaid’s Tale.

Fun Blog Post Ideas

What is in your house?  That sounds totally creepy, but people want to see your workspace and your library.  Clean up the cobwebs and get sharing.  Are your bookshelves in a rainbow pattern?  Do you make book art?

  1. Home library design – Home decor and home library design are my second and third heaviest trafficked Pinterest boards.  And yup, I got nothing.  GAHHHH.  People love home decor ideas and seeing how you organize your books.


  1. Book art – At the library, we made tons of crafts out of books.  DIY is fun and people love recycling their stuff.  Show your audience how to make an owl out of an old discarded book.  Make me a flower.  How can I recycle my maps?


  1. Favorite book covers – Get creative and pull together your favorite book covers.  Discuss how you judge a book by its cover.


  1. Talk about yourself as a reader and blogger – Tell us about you.  Why should we care about your bookish opinions?  What do you do when you aren’t reading?


  1. Books related to other subjects – Tie books into your passions.  Pair books with recipes or wine…


  1. Favorite book reviews and comments from other bloggers and readers – Share the things that make us laugh.  Did someone write a hilarious book review or comment on a blog, Amazon, or Goodreads.  Tell me about it.


  1. Talk about the power of local libraries and purpose your library serves in your community – Spread the library love.  What benefits does your library bring to you?

Are you ready to get back to book blogging?

I hope that you found these blog post ideas helpful.  I’d love to hear some of your favorite blog post topics in the comments.

What blog post ideas did I miss, and which ones are you tired of seeing?

What unique blog post ideas would you like to see more of in the book blogging world?

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